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Real Time Tracking System(BA-TRACK)


“Multi-functional Vehicle GPS Tracker”

Real-Time-GPS+AGPS tracking

Allow the location to be pinpointed in real time or periodically

IP66 Dust and Waterproof

Water-resistant to ensure stable operation in tough environment.

SOS emergency call

In case emergency press the SOS button to trigger an urgent call.

Door Status Detection

Get instant alert when your car’s door are open unexpectedly.

Multiple Analog/Digital I/O

Monitor and control external applications via Input/Output.

Multiple Alarms

Instant alert for vibration, overspeed, power-off and geo-fence

Product Description

We are presenting you GPS based vehicle tracking system. This is cost effective then two-way communication system wherein communication is done both ways with satellite. This tracking system can achieve two way communication by using single module with GSM modem. GSM modem with SIM card used here implements the same communication technique as in a regular cellphone.

This tracking system is fitted in your vehicle in hidden or in suitable compartment. After successful installation of system you can easily track location of your vehicle. This system helps you to track current location of your vehicle anytime and anywhere.

A vehicle tracking system is an electronic device installed in a vehicle to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle’s location. This paper proposed to design a vehicle tracking system that works using GPS and GSM technology, which would be the cheapest source of vehicle tracking and it would work as anti-theft system. It is an embedded system which is used for tracking and positioning of any vehicle by using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global system for mobile communication (GSM). This design will continuously monitor a moving Vehicle and report the status of the Vehicle on demand. A GSM modem is used to send the position (Latitude and Longitude) of the vehicle from a remote place. The GPS modem will continuously give the data i.e. the latitude and longitude indicating the position of the vehicle. The same data is sent to the mobile at the other end from where the position of the vehicle is demanded. When the request by user is sent to the number at the GSM modem, the system automatically sends a return reply to that mobile indicating the position of the vehicle in terms of latitude and longitude in real time.


Benefits :-

  • Locate stolen vehicle easily using mobile app without any costing.
  • This system ensure vehicle security and smooth fleet management.
  • Easy installation in any vehicle like Car, Truck, Bike and SMS will inform you whether the vehicle is stationary or on the move.



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