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Trace and Track with us!

We are offering you best FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.Here you get exactly what you are looking for the best. So you are on  right page. We providing you best fleet management system with minimum costing and user friendly.


What is Fleet Management??

Fleet  management system is best multi-functional platform that provides you to monitor your buses, trucks, bikes and many more vehicles. Before knowing about project you learn how the fleet management works???

Fleet management is software that gather,store,monitor,process and export information of your vehicle in best way.These can include vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, driver management, fuel management and vehicle among many other functions.Fleet management focus on providing efficiency,increase productivity,reducing cost and thefting .If your business is small or big and you have vehicle more than one vehicle like car,bike,ships or others then fleet management is best to consider.

Functionality of Fleet Management
Location Tracking

Location tracking is important feature in vehicle tracking system.When you configure fleet management software with tracking system is allow you to see real time location where the vehicle is and adjust the traffic situations.

Speed Management  

Speed limit is also important for management of vehicle speed is helps you to calculate the route and fuel comsumption. Driving an inappropriate speed can cause more consumption of fuel and it may lead speed fine.Speed management is very useful feature in fleet management.

Route Management

Fleet management also plan the route of vehicle.This is possible by GPS tracker which continuously monitor the fleet.Efficient route management will increase the driver safety and vehicle security also save fuel cost and achieve driver’s time schedule.By this the customer service get increases.

Driver Records

Fleet management  keeps the record of driver so it is safe and secure for customer.fleet management also keep the records of driver’s behavior and driver management. By collecting data about driver’s performance such as speed, routes, timing and pauses,fleet management enables managers to monitor and control the driver’s behavior.

Best facilities provided by Fleet Management are-

Fleet management gives you best facilities in Vehicle Tracking System, based on GPS. This shows vehicle location, direction and speed are determined from the GPS components, additional tracking capabilities transmit this information to a fleet management software application.Fleet management software depending upon capabilities allows you to keep records of driver and vehicle.

  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle inventory-number plate and vehicle name
  • Real time vehicle tracking
  • Vehicle Maintenance-specific Route maintenance and schedule the route
  • Geo-fencing
  • Timely alerts-over speed and route deviation
  • Fuel Indication
  • Customized reports and analytics for future enhanced
Who can use Fleet Management?

You can use Fleet management for Personal use


  • Real time information
  • Receive communication while route changing
  • Vehicle tracking solutions provides emergency call alerts


You can use Fleet management for Corporate Admin


  • Constant monitoring on map
  • Create routes-specify route
  • Route replay option


Do you thinking about investing in Fleet Management??

Are you thinking about investing into fleet management? so lets start your dream with us.We are providing you best fleet management system.For more details call us on our toll free number 1800-233-2266 otherwise you can contact us on our place which is located at 149/A, M G Road,East Street Camp, Pune – 411001,Maharashtra,India.

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